Seaport terminal

The Neustadt port is the largest interconnecting conventional terminal in Europe.

Neustadt Port / Figures 

Open space 800,000 m²
Covered storage space 260,000 m²
West side 1,500 m (general cargo, containers, RoRo, forest products), 10m
Deepest berth: East side 800m, 11 m (general cargo, containers, project items, forest products)
Berths 10-14
Pier 2.4 km
RoRo ramp 100 to
Siding 18 km
Container bridges 2 x 80 to, 1x 45 to
Land cranes (max. 24 to) 13
Forklifts (max. 52 to) 97
Reach stackers (max. 83 to) 9
Empty container forklift (max. 18 to) 4
Tractors 24
Floater crane (max. 100 to) 2
Floater crane (max. 650 to) 1
Mobile port crane (max. 104 to) 1
Shunting vehicles Unimogs


Retail logistics

Exclusive non-food logistics

In Bremen, BLG Retail Logistics operates one of Europe’s largest and most modern logistics complexes exclusively for the non-food logistics of its client, Tchibo. Three high bay warehouse blocks, connected via conveyors, with a total of 200,000 pallet bays, as well as 3 multi-purpose halls spanning an area of 30,000 square metres, are spread over a total area of 230,000 square metres.

Through direct access to the Neustadt port, the warehouse can largely be supply in an environmentally-friendly way via inland vessels and rail. Goods are also received by rail or in combined transportation where possible. In keeping with the motto “A new world every week”, more than 54,000 points of sale in Germany and Europe are regularly supplied with a range of goods from Bremen, changing every week.

The range of services includes warehousing, distribution to regional distribution centres, order picking and direct supplying of all northern and central German points of sale, Europe-wide follow-up supplies, as well as value-enhancing services. All processes are displayed on a modern warehouse management system which BLG and Tchibo always provide with an extensive information chain on all goods activities.

As part of the automated goods receipt for loose items, over 50,000 cartons of 4 fully-automated palletisers can be processed, then automatically wrapped and stocked into the high bay warehouse blocks via electric suspension tracks and rack operation devices. Each of the three blocks measures 42 m in height, 146 m in length and 70 m in width.

Automotive logistics

An important part of the automobile industry’s logistics chain is found at the LC Bremen. Supply Chain Management (SCM) involves combining the logistics chains from the manufacturer and its suppliers. As part of this supply chain, BLG AUTOMOTIVE LOGISTICS supplies the domestic and international assembly lines with car parts using various supply strategies.

The LC Bremen has 110,000 m² of covered hall space, as well as 140,000 m² open space, at a closed premises with a gate. The complexes are equipped with state-of-the-art warehousing technology and have preservation systems, a hardening system, the latest shelving techniques, two 500-m rail sidings, covered loading and unloading areas, as well as truck docking facilities. Radio-controlled stackers and van carriers are used to perform the service. The entire truck process is controlled via a company-own ETC (Electronic Traffic Control) system which can be monitored by the clients online using a web-based application. Video surveillance, personal access checks and a 24-hour gate function guarantee security.

Preservation systems for raw components

In co-operation with clients from the automobile industry, BLG co-ordinates transportation of raw components, packed in containers, around the globe to the various production plants. During transportation, the deliveries go through different climatic zones. In order to ensure that the sensitive sheet metal parts survive the strains of transportation, e.g. the formation of condensation in the container, the parts are given a protective coat of oil using an electrostatic process. This corrosion protection not only offers more quality, but is also environmentally-friendly.

Hardening system for automobile parts

The body shell modules delivered to the LC Bremen directly from the pressing plant have been stuck together by the manufacturer from individual parts to form a module. The adhesive areas must be hardened within 14 days of production – a process which would take several days for the automobile manufacturer. The hardening system at the LC Bremen enables preliminary hardening, cleaning, hardening and preservation of the car parts in around 2 hours.


The following services are offered at this location:

Automotive logistics | Consolidation Center and Supplier-Logistics Centre

Automotive logistics | Produktion-related services

Retail logistics

Seaport logistics

Seaport logistics | Container packaging

Seaport logistics | Freight Forwarding

Contact / Seaport 

BLG Cargo Logistics GmbH

Neustädter Hafen – Terminal 21
Senator-Borttscheller-Straße 1
28197 Bremen

Managing Director:
Sven Riekers
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Managing Director:
Thorben Kolk
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Contact / Retail logistics 

BLG Handelslogistik GmbH & Co. KG

Senator-Borttscheller-Str. 1
28197 Bremen

Managing Director:
Holger Hanßen
Phone: +49 (421) 398 - 2501
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Managing Director:
Thomas Krüger
Phone: +49 (421) 398 - 2503
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Contact / Automotive logistics 

BLG Industrielogistik GmbH & Co. KG

Senator-Apelt-Str. 90
28197 Bremen

Managing Director:
Robert Bommers
Phone: +49 (421) 398 - 3739
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Managing Director:
Frank Sturm
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