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The seaport terminal in Gioia Tauro is the central automobile hub for the Mediterranean markets and offers optimum requirements as a transshipment hub for the western and eastern Mediterranean, northern Africa and Levant as well as the Black Sea in Eastern Europe.

Measuring 320,000 m², the terminal is geared to comprehensive logistics service for automobiles and commercial vehicles in ro-ro traffic and at the terminal. Apart from regular short-sea transport, distribution of vehicles via truck and rail is also possible. A technical center performs technical services comprising processing, inspection, installation of extras, repair and painting work.

Gioia Tauro is a modern multi-user terminal in immediate proximity to the main shipping route through the Mediterranean and is ideally located for imports from China, Japan, Korea, India and Thailand.


The following services are offered at this location:


ICO BLG Automobile Logistics Italia S.r.l.

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