Seaport terminal

Seaport terminal Hamburg

The BLG AutoTerminal Hamburg offers a storage capacity for 12,000 vehicles over an area of 325,000 m². Approx. 250 staff attend to the handling and warehousing of the vehicles. E.H. Harms also offers technical processing of the vehicles at its own workshop at the Hamburg site.

The terminal is equipped with 2 siding tracks, 2 head ramps and a RoRo pontoon.

PDI centre

The BLG AutoTerminal Hamburg offers a technical centre in which the vehicles of a wide variety of manufacturers are processed with a high degree of technical know-how. The technical centre is equipped with several car washes and painting cabins, as well as numerous car hoists to perform repairs.

The services at the Hamburg site range from inspection, waxing and washing, to paintwork, repairs and modifications.

Truck station

Our own truck fleet with special vehicles which are responsible for the transportation from the terminals or the OEM direct to the car dealer.


The following services are offered at this location:

Contact / AutoTerminal 

BLG AutoTerminal Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG
Kattwykweg 7
21107 Hamburg

Suntka von Fritschen
Phone: +49 40 7527 97 128
Fax:     +49 40 7527 97 228

Managing Directors:
Bernd Kupke; Uwe Wiese

Contact / AutoTransport 

BLG AutoTransport GmbH & Co. KG
Kattwykweg 7
21107 Hamburg

Erhard Hülle
Phone: +49 40 7527 97 155
Fax:     +49 40 7527 97 147

Managing Directors:
Michael Bünning